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Got an Insuppressible Earworm?

Still singing the catchy songs from the hit Hollywood Fringe 17 show, Insuppressible? Well, now you can sing along with the original cast on Soundcloud! A fictionalized account of actress/activist/icon, Leah Remini, as she struggles to make the world a better place, stomp out bullies, and speak truth to power – all the while maintaining perfect makeup and hair. CAST: Leah Remini – Leslie Rubino Mother – Libby Baker Shelly – Tiffani Ann Mills David – Milo Shearer Tom Cruise – Daved Wilkins Katie Holmes – Jaimie Day Jenniper Lopez – Nicole Clemetson Nicole Kidman – Sohm Kapila Book byContinue readingGot an Insuppressible Earworm?

I May Look Music Theatre…

…but I’m a rocker at heart! Check out my final performance in the awesome music arranging class I just finished with Michael Teoli Music! I still can’t believe I arranged the charts to this song for a 4-piece band! I highly recommend Michael’s classes! The craziest thing about this video is not me screaming Audioslave, it’s that *I* arranged the song charts for this killer 4-piece band! Thank you for teaching me how, @michael_teoli_music ! You’re a wizard! #audioslave #chriscornell #musicarrangement #amazingteacher A post shared by Libby Baker (@libbyabaker) on Jun 1, 2017 at 9:21am PDT