Elite Season 3, now streaming on Netflix.

SO hyped to again be able to voice the english dub for the drug-dealing mom, Sandra!

I must love popcorn…

…because I’m eating it again in my new spot for Colonial Life!

And sometimes, only your nose makes it…

…into the spot. Yep, that’s my snout, chin, and profile, munching on popcorn in this new spot for HomeAdvisor. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ZjBx/homeadvisor-game-day Ah, well. That popcorn was sure tasty!

Gifted at Sacred Fools

“What if your gift was also your curse? Ashlyn has a special power – she can tell the romantic fate of any couple she sees, but cannot tell the same for herself. Enter a world of love and longing, humor and heartbreak, with a touch of magical realism. There is no

Elite on Netflix

Fans of Elite, the incredible mystery series set in an elite private school in Spain (and everyone should be a fan because it’s soooo good), already know it’s in Spanish. But Netflix has released it here in the US with English dubbing and I’m so honored to have voiced the

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