Libby Baker

Got an Insuppressible Earworm?

Still singing the catchy songs from the hit Hollywood Fringe 17 show, Insuppressible? Well, now you can sing along with the original cast on Soundcloud!

A fictionalized account of actress/activist/icon, Leah Remini, as she struggles to make the world a better place, stomp out bullies, and speak truth to power – all the while maintaining perfect makeup and hair.

Leah Remini – Leslie Rubino
Mother – Libby Baker
Shelly – Tiffani Ann Mills
David – Milo Shearer
Tom Cruise – Daved Wilkins
Katie Holmes – Jaimie Day
Jenniper Lopez – Nicole Clemetson
Nicole Kidman – Sohm Kapila

Book by Jeffrey McCrann
Music & Lyrics by Robert Hill
Produced by Julia Wackenheim-Gimple and Kelli Rose Jacobson
Arranged and recorded by Robert Hill