No popcorn for this one…

…but I’m still watching TV in my latest spot for Optimum/Altice USA. But hey, who isn’t binging TV right now, right?

I must love popcorn…

…because I’m eating it again in my new spot for Colonial Life!

And sometimes, only your nose makes it…

…into the spot. Yep, that’s my snout, chin, and profile, munching on popcorn in this new spot for HomeAdvisor. Ah, well. That popcorn was sure tasty!

Got a LinkedIn Account? Let me help you with that!

I’m helping folks polish up their profiles for success in my latest campaign for LinkedIn. Check it out:

I’m Hardcore Parenting in my New Spot for Hyundai!

Parents + technology might just be the end of teenaged shenanigans. Check out why in my latest spot for Hyundai!

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